Ono Island Resort
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Ono Island Resort

The resort land is Crown Freehold lot #4, DP# 8961, 20.27 acres, (8.2038 hectors) with approximately 91 years remaining on the government lease. Title is clear and transferable by private sale of stock held by owners. The land is narrow and long with 590 ft of beach front. Physical location is : Coordinates from Google earth are: 18° 52' 58.11” S 178° 30' 33.71” E. Click coordinates for link to Google Maps

The main house approximately 20ft above sea level is one story, with a 20ft vaulted ceiling, allowing a second floor in the living and Dining area. All the exterior walls are concrete block, rendered on all sides. Floors are hardwood tongue and groove over post and beam. Foundation is block reinforced on concrete footing. Entire design was engineer inspected and approved. The design of the house which is oriented to the direction of tradewinds was to use natural cooling. On the trade wind side facing east to southeast several louvered windows direct the flow of ocean cooled winds throughout the main house. Furnishings are of excellent quality. Hooker, Kincaid, oriental carpets and an assortment of good quality furnishings, throughout the entire resort. The resort comes fully furnished.

The design of the main house, 1,800 sqft allows for expansion without changing the main structure. Guesthouse 900sqft, two bedrooms, bathroom, living room tile floor throughout block and rendered structure fully furnished, with plunge pool and extensive deck 15 feet above sea level. The Shop 625 sqft fully equipped with American tools, 10ft ceiling, with significant overhead storage, designed for large projects. Generator and compressor building separate and placed to minimize noise during operation. 225 sqft, equipped with 18KW diesel generator providing main power when solar and wind are not sufficient. Compressor is 9CFM Ingersol rand compressor with separate diesel power drive. This building also contains a TIG welder and plasma cutting machine for metal projects. Staff quarters is the only building constructed of wood, primarily mahogany is 1,000 sqft with male and female quarters, furnished. Pump house is self contained constructed of block and concrete over artesian well. Two Grundfos AC/DC pumps provide all the water the resort needs and future requirements. Artesian well production is approximately 200 liters per minute continuously year around. All power is set for American voltage but convertible to 240/50hz

All structures, main house, shop, generator/compressor building, guesthouse, staff quarters, staff kitchen and pump house are guaranteed for 1 year after purchase, assuming basic maintenance is performed. Power and water system is also guaranteed for 1 year after purchase assuming proper basic maintenance is performed.

Near the house we have a pineapple mini plantation, 200+ producing plants. Also nearby are three varieties of banana and as many different papaya’s, passion fruit and Mango’s. Plus nearby villages provide produce pesticide free we do not grow.

Approximately two acres are landscaped surrounded by tropical bush and trees allowing for expansion and growth on the remaining acreage.

PRICE: USD $1,700,000

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