Sau Estate
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Sau Estate

Positioned at the head of the very protected "Nasau Bay", this 34-acre freehold property has that most desirable, but rarest of qualities: absolute beachfront, with a long white sandy beach leading into clear blue water.

And more than that, it has a protected deep-water boat mooring directly in front of the property. This Bay with its calm waters is renowned as a hurricane hole for yachts seeking safe mooring in a storm, or as a relaxing refuge for passing cruisers and mariners.

With 8-10 acres of flat grassy land surrounding the beach, the balance of the property forms an amphitheater of gradually rising slopes with small terraces offering spectacular ocean views. The property is a former coconut plantation, which is in the process of being converted into a small eco-friendly adventure resort offering diving, fishing and other aquatic adventures.

The property is accessible from either Taveuni by a 20-minute boat ride, or from Savusavu by a one-and-half hour drive along the scenic Hibiscus Highway to the Natuvu Medical Clinic and then a pleasant 15-minute boat ride inside the lee of the islands.

The sea-life around Nasau Bay is one of the richest in Fiji. The currents that sweep through the Somosomo Strait between Vanua Levu and Taveuni carry nutrient rich waters that produce a prolific quantity and variety of fish and coral reefs.

Nasau Bay is just a few miles from the world-famous "Rainbow Reef" - recognized as one of the premier diving spots in the world and the soft-coral capital of Fiji. It has an overwhelming profusion of soft coral, hard coral, and reef fish of every imaginable species, as well as big pelagics cruising through the waters of the Strait.

The Viani - Nasau Bay area, with its protective islands and bays, and mild trade winds, provide sheltered waters for sailing, boating, game-fishing, kayaking, wind-surfing, and all manner of water sports.

On the Sau Estate property the original plantation homestead (wood frame construction, with a metal roof) is still in use. Although the homestead needs major renovation it is still quite functional, with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. The current owners have built an outside shower and toilet block, with water supplied from a large water-tank, and also an additional secure storage room.

The property has a long-established water-well near the homestead, with a solar-powered pump to draw up the subterranean water. Historically, this well was used to provide water for the plantation livestock. Additional water can be sourced from borehole supply and from roof catchment.

Fertile black loamy soils behind the homestead support a large well-established fruit orchard containing numerous varieties of mature tropical fruit trees that provide a steady supply of organic fruits and spices for the Estate, such as: a variety of mangoes, starfruit, guava, avocados, bananas, papayas, pineapples, breadfruit, jackfruit, soursop, custard apples, oranges, citrus trees, rambutan, lychees, cinnamon trees, Fiji nutmeg trees, vanilla-bean orchids and many more.

The property is currently “off the grid” and would require onsite power generation utilizing either a diesel generator (which are readily available) or solar cells (also readily available) to provide power.

Minutes away, on the northern side of the peninsula is the newly constructed and recently opened five-star resort aptly named: "The Remote Resort of Fiji Islands". And on the south side of Nasau Bay is three-star adventure lodge: "Sau Bay Fiji Retreat".

With their own in-house chef, wood-fired oven, a great collection of quality imported wines, and live entertainment, The Remote Resort offers visitors and guests the opportunity to enjoy excellent dining in a great setting. The Resort also offers waterfall tours, bush hiking, scuba-diving, snorkeling, kayaking and other activities.

The Garden Island of Taveuni, which is only a 20-minute boat ride from the property, offers a full-service health clinic, hospital, shopping, banking and postal service, as well as a local airport with daily flights to Nadi.

Also available on Taveuni and offered through nearby resorts, are ocean-focused recreational pursuits including scuba-diving excursions, sailing charters and game fishing expeditions. This area of Fiji offers world-class scuba diving excursions at the Rainbow Reef for all levels of accomplishment from beginner to master diver. Most dive excursion operators also offer lessons and advancement certificates at every level. For those newcomers who have never tried scuba diving, or even for those who are advanced at the sport, the location of “Sau Estate” provides a unique opportunity to experience some of the greatest underwater marvels on the planet!

Taveuni has a number of great dining-out restaurants. And for something different, several of the local resorts host weekly "mekes" and "lovos." The meke (pronounced "meh-kay") is traditional Fijian entertainment - lively stories sung by a chorus while entertainers mime gestures to depict the stories' events. The lovo is a traditional Fijian feast - a delicious and abundant array of native dishes wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an earth-oven.

With Sau Estate located in the "rain shadow" of Taveuni Island, it gets much less rain than other areas in this wetter region of Fiji. While some parts of Taveuni Island get up to 250 inches of rain per year, Nasau Bay receives only around 50-60 inches. The result is lots of beautiful sunny days on the beach, but still enough rain for lush gardens and ample water supply.

Sau Estate is being offered for sale by way of transfer of its freehold title, and makes an ideal investment for a discerning buyer seeking either a Private Retreat with safe boat anchorage, or for Resort Development with subdivision potential.


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